Gopro hero 12 Release date
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Gopro Hero 12 Release Date | Gopro Hero 12.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2023 by Rahul

GoPro now has various competitors, especially Insta360 and DJI. Yet, GoPro managed to surpass them by providing the best quality action cameras.

Now, the company is planning to release the GoPro Hero 12, and there is a lot to expect from it. Besides, GoPro CEO has shared some interesting news about the company’s upcoming products, which leaves us in a wonderland.

So, what could be GoPro’s upcoming plans and upgrades for the new Hero 11? Let’s find out.

Gopro Hero 12 Release Date?

Gopro Hero 12 Price?

Gopro Hero 12 Release Date?

First, let’s talk about the GoPro Hero 12 release date. GoPro has always tried to maintain a strict product release schedule. For years, we have seen the release of new products in the fall of each year.

To give you an exact idea, this table represents GoPro’s action camera launches for the past few years. Considering this track record, we are expecting that the GoPro Hero 12 might get released in September 2023. Probably some of the mysteries have been solved from the wonderland.

Anyway, let’s discuss what GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said. He stated that “at the end of 2023, we plan to increase our hardware offerings from two product types we have today (Hero and Max) to 4 distinct camera products.” This statement suggests that we might get a new GoPro Hero and Max along the way, with two brand new products this year. They are also planning to expand their product lineup.

Gopro hero 12 Release date
Credit: Gopro

What We Expect from the Gopro Hero 12?

Gopro Hero 12 Features.

ith the current line of GoPro, we get a lot but still lack some key features that are mostly needed for pro users. Design-wise, the GoPro Hero is pretty predictable.

because over the years, we didn’t see any noticeable changes apart from the logo colors and location. To bring something new with Hero 10, for the first time, GoPro introduced the font color screen, and that remains the same in Hero 11.

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Gopro Hero 12 Design.

Anyway, with this consistent design, the upcoming Hero 12 is expected to have a similar design and shape as its predecessor.

But the leaks suggest there is hope of getting a full edge-to-edge LCD display just like the DJI Action 2. It might get a little bit bulkier if GoPro adds a heatsink to tackle overheating. But what about the camera?

Gopro Hero 12 Specification.

GoPro’s competitor, Insta360, recently released a camera that boasts a dual one-inch sensor, which not only ensures better resolution but also better low-light performance. Right now, GoPro Hero 11 is capable of shooting 5.3K at 60 fps and 4K at up to 120 fps.

This time, we could see a 6K resolution in the upcoming Hero 12, and for slow motion, it might deliver 240 fps at 4K. Obviously, GoPro needs to come up with a larger sensor to stand out from its competitors.


nother thing is that we need an improved HyperSmooth version to make the footage more stable in a heavy action-oriented environment. HyperSmooth is something of a game-changer itself, but it’s not as good as mechanical stabilization. So, improving the stability is a must for GoPro Hero 12.

Apart from that, we might get to see a new processor, which is GP3. GoPro Hero 11 is equipped with a GP2 processor that made it possible to deliver outstanding performance.

So, with the all-new GP3, we might get even better performance and better efficiency as well. In short, there might not be a revolutionary change in the design part, except for the edge-to-edge display, we guess. To keep the top position in their hand, GoPro.

Gopro Hero 12 Battery Life.

What’s nice is the Quick app makes it easy to grab single frames from the videos for high-res photos from these modes. GoPro also optimized the camera to improve battery life, like reducing power use when the camera is on but idle.

The Hero 11 also comes with GoPro’s Enduro battery, which not only lasts longer but works better in the cold too. But if you really want to extend battery life, you’ll be able to get a Hero 12 Black Creators Edition.